Vitamins for hair

We all dream of beautiful, shiny and thick hair. But sometimes there comes a period when before beautiful and curvy hair becomes dry, brittle, lose its beauty. Especially often it is noticeable in the winter cold period, when temperature changes affect the condition of the hair, and less fresh fruits and vegetables are consumed.

Your hair is losing its elasticity, shine, elasticity, it begins to fall out, it is cut off, and dandruff also appears, then you can say that you have a deficiency of necessary vitamins. This is due to the fact that the hair begins to starve and do not receive vitamins, which are so necessary for the body.

If your favorite thick hairstyle has become not as voluminous as you used to see it before, then perhaps the body lacks the following vitamins:

    vitamin A,
    vitamin B5,
    vitamin B6,
    vitamin C,
    vitamin E,
    vitamin F.

Causing loss, weakening and brittleness of hair can both a lack of one element, and several.

Reduce hair loss will help you fill the deficiency of missing vitamins, by taking the following substances:

    Ascorbic acid, or vitamin C, restores the activity and performance of capillaries, which are responsible for delivering the necessary substances to the root of the hair;
    Biotin, Biotin or Vitamin H, is one of the main and basic vitamins for the hair, contributes to their strengthening;
    Vitamin F, - strengthens hair, helps to cope with the impact of the environment;
    Vitamin E, - activates all the cells of the hair, forcing it to come alive, supply oxygen, slow down hair loss;
    Nicotinamide, (nicotinic acid, PP) or vitamin B3 - a drawback of this can be identified if the scalp becomes dry and the hair begins to grow slower than usual;
    Panthenol (pantothenic acid) or vitamin B5 - strengthens the root, as well as the hair itself from the inside, stimulating the bulb, resuming the normal process of blood circulation and metabolism;
    Pyridoxine or vitamin B6 - stimulates metabolism, eliminates dandruff, itching;
    Retinol or vitamin A - reduces brittleness, normalizes the production of sebum, normalizes the fat content of the hair;
    Riboflavin or vitamin B2 - normalizes the blood supply of the hair follicle, thereby ensuring its nutrition;
    Folic acid - enhances and improves the effect of vitamin B5.

In order to stop hair loss, restore their density, strength and beautiful appearance, our body needs to receive all the known vitamins. However, the most necessary and important vitamins for hair are panthenol (B6), biotin (H), vitamins A, E, and C.

It is preferable to take all of the above hair vitamins with complex preparations. They are balanced and dosed, and you do not have to calculate the time of intake and dosage of each individual vitamin.

To date, there are many vitamin complexes for hair that can be aimed not only at improving the hair condition, but also in maintaining the health and energy of the whole body. You can choose the complex that suits you best. To achieve a more rapid result, and return beauty to your hair, you can feed your hair not only from the inside (taking vitamins for your hair and balancing the diet), but also outside (shampoos, masks, balms), less to injure hair with a hairdryer and styling.

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