All about the benefits of seaweed

All about the benefits of seaweed

We are acquainted with the unique properties of microalgae, like chlorella and spirulina, which already live in seawater for 4 billion years. Blue-green spirulina is a seaweed, reminiscent of a spiral. It can be attributed, both to the flora and fauna, because it is both a plant and a living being. But chlorella is a unicellular green alga.

Science has proven that they are on the ground leaders among the nutritional products. Chloril has long been present in the cosmonauts' menu. But most of people do not know about these wonderful nutritious foods, in which the highest protein content (from 50%), and their human body absorbs almost 100%, for example, the assimilation of the chicken protein by only 30%.

In spirulina, as well as chlorella contains the largest number of not only nutrients, but microelements, as well as vitamins compared to any traditional food of the world.

Algae, despite the striking similarity, have differences as well. for the human body spirulina is an energetic huge charge, and chlorella is the strongest means of purifying the body and detoxifying. In addition, these micro algae are the most powerful antioxidants
 Differences between chlorella and spirulina

A. Chlorella saturates the blood with oxygen, contributes to its renewal, increasing hemoglobin;

B. Chlorella removes from the body all known toxins and radiation;

C. In chlorella there is a whole set of amino acids required by the human body;

D. Spirulina refers to the outstanding "healers and restorers" of the human immune system. But chlorella also claims to be the best immunostimulating agent.
Advantages of micro algae chlorella and spirulina

- Both micro algae stimulate human activity, increasing its physical and mental tone

- struggling with the negative consequences of ecology and the intake of inorganic products

- Being a natural antibiotic helps to overcome various bacterial infections

- restores the intestinal microflora, acting as a prebiotic

- strengthens natural immunity
How Chlorella Treats

 It restores nerve endings (including those affected by Alzheimer's disease, or multiple sclerosis). Helps patients with nervousness or convulsions, even with paralysis or sciatica.
Rejuvenating and soothing skin mask of spirulina

Dilute one spoonful of spirulina with water so that its consistency resembles sour cream. Then a little bit of glycerin is added, so that the mixture is more damp and soaks the skin. The resulting mixture is applied to the face and neck, wait 15-20 minutes. And we wash it off. But you are provided for the whole day feeling a pleasant freshness and vivacity, as an excellent kind of skin.

The combination of chlorella and spirulina gives an amazing healing effect on our body, both these algae are indispensable for every person.

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