Six natural oils stimulating hair growth

Six natural oils stimulating hair growth

If you are looking for a simple way to stimulate hair growth, without resorting to expensive and not always natural remedies, from this article you will learn about six oils that will help you do it.

Long and thick hair is the dream of any girl and woman, but in the modern world, with its rhythm, it is very easy to damage your hair, so that they will become fragile and lose their former beauty. Experts attribute the factors that affect the quality of hair growth: malnutrition, a lot of stress, oxygen starvation leading to clogging of capillaries.

But there is a fairly easy way to give hair a pristine beauty, you can do it with natural oils that are capable of producing a tremendous effect on your hair!

    Olive oil is familiar to mankind since ancient times and is considered a real treasure and is very useful for hair, as it contains dihydrotestosterone, an element that strengthens the hair follicles, thus helping to prevent alopecia. Also, olive oil contains a large amount of antioxidants, which stimulate the natural processes in the hair, thus saturating the hair follicles with nutrients.
    Rosemary oil very well stimulates the natural growth of hair, due to the beneficial effect on the formation of new cells and dilates the blood vessels, thereby activating the hair follicles. This oil has disinfectant properties, fights against microorganisms that adversely affect the hair and scalp. Also, rosemary oil is used for hair loss and prevents the appearance of gray hair, moisturizes the scalp, fighting dandruff due to dry skin.
    Coconut oil is the most popular oil for nutrition, cleansing and hair protection. This oil helps the hair not to lose useful substances, and also restores the natural components of hair, the content of which decreases due to constant contact of hair with toxins and frequent washing of the head.
    Lavender oil. Most of this oil is familiar to its smell, many use lavender oil to combat depression and insomnia. But also this oil very well helps with alopecia, its regular use in focal alopecia stimulates hair growth. Another lavender oil is a wonderful antiseptic that helps to treat fungal and viral diseases of the scalp.
    Almond oil. Moisturizing and hair protecting oil. It is less commonly used for growth. Almond oil perfectly protects hair and activates hair bulbs, making them less brittle and brittle. It is used for seborrheic dermatitis, relieves inflammation of the skin on the head and relieves dead cells. It should be noted that if you have allergic reactions to nuts, you need to be careful with the use of this oil, as this can trigger an allergic reaction.

Application of oils

To improve the process of hair growth, massaging movements should be rubbed into the head of your chosen oil for about a minute, after which the head should be washed. Just to achieve a stronger effect, the oil can be mixed.

I want to note that regular application of oils can really work wonders with hair. Oils not only accelerate their growth, but also have a good effect on the microflora of the scalp, improve their appearance.